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Whole and cross-section slices of Corozo nuts.

Corozo Nut Buttons

We’re nuts about ‘zo nuts!

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Our duvet covers, like so many of us, need closure. Literally, in this case, to keep the comforter in there. So how to seal that envelope? The answer wasn’t easy to come by, but luckily it was growing on trees: the durable, beautiful glory known as the Corozo nut!

Close up of button closure on blush eucalyptus duvet cover
Hands buttoning the end of a white duvet cover

Like ivory,
but vegetable!

Zippers are prone to breaking so we elected to go with buttons. Unfortunately, most are plastic, and the recycled equivalents aren’t really there yet—they’re prone to breakage, especially in a dryer.

Closed Loop Comfort

Our goal? A closed loop supply chain by 2030.

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