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Comfy Digital Gift Card


The easiest, earth-friendliest, digital insta-gift ever!


Loading Product...Gift card purchases are final sale. Promotions and discounts do not apply. You will receive your gift card within 24 hours.


  • For immediate or last minute gift giving via email.
  • No additional processing fees.
  • Gift cards are final sale and excluded from any sales or discounts.
  • Delivered via email to the buyer immediately after purchase with gift card redemption instructions.
Folded up white comforter and two white boxes topped with ribbon bows on purple background

No gifting guilt!

Picking the perfect gift is a lot of pressure! With the Comfy Digital Gift Card, your giftee can pick out what they want without you worrying they'll be all, "Thanks for this Cloud, I wanted the Breeze, but really, it's fine."

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Procrastinators, rejoice!

Maybe our Comfy Digital Gift Card will get you out of a pickle, or maybe it’s been your plan all along! Either way, it’s guaranteed same day delivery—right into your giftee’s inbox.