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Whole red pomegranate on beige background.

Natural Dyes

Colors that look good enough to eat.

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Unlike a traditional dye process—which generates a toxic substance known as “sludge” (yes, really)—we use natural ingredients like turmeric, rose petals, bark, and gardenia to create the subtle colors for our eucalyptus sheets!

A stack of folded gray eucalyptus sheets, styled with pomegranate and spices.
Stack of blue, white, gray, and blush folded sheets on purple background

Brilliant color, courtesy of Mother Nature!

Good things take time, and our natural dyes are no exception! The recipes take months—sometimes years—to perfect. But we think having entirely petrochemical-(and sludge)-free colors are well worth the wait.

Closed Loop Comfort

Our goal? A closed loop supply chain by 2030.

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