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Buffy cardboard shipping box and two envelopes.

Pro-Planet Shipments

Think inside the box!

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When you order multiple products and they arrive in multiple boxes, it’s what environmental scientists refer to as “a huge bummer.” That’s why we set a goal of consolidating our shipments into single package options whenever possible to reduce fossil fuel utilization across all orders.

View of forest and mountains with blue cloudy skies.
Buffy shipping box that says “The question: could you be comfier? The answer: inside.“ on outside.

Unwrap and recycle!

Our shipper boxes are made with FSC-certified recycled materials that can go straight into the blue bin as soon as you’ve gleefully torn them open. What’s more? We offset carbon emissions from freight and customer shipments so you can feel even better about “adding to cart.”

Closed Loop Comfort

Our goal? A closed loop supply chain by 2030.

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