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Wiggle Pillow Cover


A super-fuzzy cover that takes your Wiggle from functional to fun—stat!



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Made from GRS-certified recycled polyester with a dry hand feel, this fuzzy cover makes your Wiggle extra cuddly.

  • Perfect for turning your supportive Wiggle Pillow into a comfy couch sculpture.
  • Dyed with water-saving, toxic-chemical-free dyes


  • 100% GRS-certified recycled fiber


  • 8” x 82”

Care Instructions

  • Machine wash cold with your favorite pro-planet detergent, and lay flat to dry.

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Three fuzzy long pillow laid overlapping eachother on a white background

We’re upping the fluff factor!

Imagine petting a baby lamb who just had a deep conditioning treatment: That’s what we wanted our new GRS-certified recycled plastic fuzz to feel like. And honestly? We outdid ourselves (the lamb agrees).

Overhead view of several long fuzzy pillows knotted up against a white background

Cotton-candy colors, minus harmful chemicals!

Our sherpa colors are dyed with an earth-friendly synthetic dye that boasts all the color, minus the pitfalls of traditional dyes—thanks to new engineering efforts that use less water, energy, and toxic chemicals while delivering major color quality and performance! Neat!

Carbon footprint sticker with a score of 7 kg CO2e


CO2e = Carbon Dioxide Equivalent
This handy metric expresses global warming potential by including all of the relevant greenhouse gasses and converting their long-term impacts to that of CO2.