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Buffy Cloud Pillow


Rest your head on our soft-yet-supportive pillow.




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A soft yet supportive pillow for every sleeper, covered in our super-soft signature fabric and stuffed with extra-fluffy recycled fill.

  • Suitable for most sleeping positions. Choose softer if you like some plush give, medium if you want something balanced, or firmer for a little extra support.
  • Shell is woven from earth-friendly lyocell fiber
  • Each pillow recycles approximately 24-30 plastic bottles
  • Ultra-smooth lyocell fiber absorbs moisture more efficiently than cotton, keeping your skin feeling cool and dry throughout the day and night


  • Super-soft, 300 single-ply thread count sateen weave lyocell shell
  • 100% GRS-certified, BPA-free, recycled PET fill
  • Lyocell fibers are derived from sustainable wood sources like eucalyptus and harvested from sustainably managed forests
  • Lyocell fiber contains no essential oils and is safe for pets and kids


  • Standard Soft: 20” x 28” shell, 26oz fill
  • Standard Medium: 20” x 28” shell, 29oz fill
  • Standard Firm: 20” x 28” shell, 34oz fill
  • King Soft: 20” x 36” shell, 34oz fill
  • King Medium: 20” x 36” shell, 38oz fill
  • King Firm: 20” x 36” shell, 54oz fill

Care Instructions

For best results, dry clean only. Use of a pillowcase recommended.

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Best pillow we have ever had! And we have tried them all!

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Alicia B.

Woman laying in pile of and hugging a white pillow

Pick your firmness!

Our pillow comes in three fill levels to hug your head just the way you like it. Choose soft if you like some plush give, medium if you want something balanced, or firm for a little extra support.

Hand holding ball of white fluff

Feel good fluff.

For the most pro-planet puff possible, we source GRS-certified recycled fiber that's shredded into marshmallowy soft goodness. Then we wrap it all up in our signature Eucalyptus fabric made from lyocell fiber that's naturally softer and earth-friendlier than conventional cotton.

Carbon footprint sticker with rating of 13 kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent.


CO2e = Carbon Dioxide Equivalent
This handy metric expresses global warming potential by including all of the relevant greenhouse gasses and converting their long-term impacts to that of CO2.

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Soft yet supportive. Reviewers liken it to sleeping on a marshmallow.