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Wiggle Pillow


With wraparound support from back to belly, this pillow wiggles into all the right places.


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A floppy-yet-supportive, tie-able pillow covered in super-soft eucalyptus lyocell fabric and filled with extra-fluffy, spun recycled plastic.

  • Perfect for full-body support while sleeping, snuggling, and during pregnancy.
  • Each pillow recycles approximately 55 plastic bottles
  • Ultra-smooth fiber blend gets softer with each wash


  • Shell and zippered machine washable cover are made from 100% eucalyptus lyocell
  • 100% recycled PET, BPA-free fill
  • Eucalyptus lyocell contains no essential oils and is safe for pets and kids


  • 8” x 82”

Care Instructions

Cover: Machine wash cold, line dry. Insert: For best results, dry clean only.

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Woman lying on a yellow couch resting on a long light pink fuzzy pillow with other pillows surrounding her

My pregnancy savior, that now looks so chic on my couch!

–Jesse B.

Three fuzzy long pillow laid overlapping eachother on a white background

Double the snuggle!

Need some extra stomach support while expecting? Or just looking for a cool-and-cozy decorative pillow? SURPRISE—the Wiggle does both! Thanks to it’s squishy and flexible, tie-able shape that boasts a fuzzy cover (sold separately!) and impressive 82” length!

Close up of an opened zipper on a pillow in white fabric

Stuffed with feel-good fluff!

Covered in breathable 100% eucalyptus lyocell fabric that's naturally softer and more earth-friendly than cotton, and filled with recycled, airblown fiber—this pro-planet pillow provides the perfect amount of neck-and-back-loving support AND saves 55 bottles from landfill!

Carbon footprint sticker with a score of 29 kg CO2e


CO2e = Carbon Dioxide Equivalent
This handy metric expresses global warming potential by including all of the relevant greenhouse gasses and converting their long-term impacts to that of CO2.